Immediately I was taken to the psychiatric hospital, I told the psychiatric doctor nothing was wrong with me mentally.
Ignoring what I said, he called the security men to take me to the mad men's ward.
I didn't utter a word any more.
The whole thing was just quite absurd to me.
They took me to a ward to join those who were mentally deraged.
In there were eight (8) young men.
They all had divers characters;
while One was busy jumping steadily on the bed,
another just laid on the floor putting his left toes in his mouth. I looked at them all and laughed.
I laughed because I was normal and they were all abnormal.
They stared at me as if I was some strange guy. Inorder for them not to think that I was normal,
I climed on the bed and started jumping.
I even removed my shirt and tied it round my neck.
I almost forgot that I was normal.
I soon got tired and took a stroll.
I went to the female ward.
In the female ward, there's this beautiful girl named Bleszy. She seemed to have less madness.
The only problem she has is that she was always picking lice from her hair & putting in her mouth!
I went to sit beside her. When she noticed me, she started picking lice from my hair & putting in her mouth.
After a little while,
She smiled welcomly & hugged me. I hugged her too.
It was really like love at first sight.
She picked lice from my hair about three (3) times. ....and she was like,
"Won't you pick lice from my own hair?"
I didn't want her to think I was normal so I rubbed her shaggy hair and picked lice. I was going to use skills so as not to put it in my mouth.
But Bleszy was a kinda smart girl; she held my hand & ensured that the lice got into my mouth.
I had no choice, I closed my eyes & chewed it.
She then smiled and hugged me. If I refused to put any lice I removed in my mouth, she would wear a frown on her face.
It was becoming great fun!
I soon got used to eating the lice that I even forgot I was sane while she was insane.
What irritated me the most was when I picked a very Big lice that looked like Basket mouth's eyeballs.....and she watched and ensured that it got into my MOUTH!!



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