I was already becoming very close to Bleszy.
But something happened.
One morning after breakfast, I went to the female ward again.
But instead of meeting Bleszy alone as usual, I met her having a talk with an insane boy from my ward.
I was so angry and at the same time jealous.
With the anger and jealousy in me, I rushed the insane boy and dragged him back to the male ward.
Then I came back to meet my dear friend, Bleszy.
Again, we started picking lice from each other's hair.
Before I knew it, the idiot from my ward walked in again.
To worsen the matter, he started picking lice from Bleszy's hair.
The Worst thing is that Bleszy seemed to be paying him a little attention.
Without thinking twice, I started giving him heavy blows all over his face.
Sure enough blood was already gushing out of his nose. The guy then started screaming at the top of his voice. I felt happy that I taught him never to go near MY Bleszy again.
I heard the footsteps of security men and I quicky dashed into the male ward.
I started jumping on the bed when they walked in.
"Who just walked in here from the female ward?"
they asked.
Ofcourse I didn't reply, neither did anyone coz they were all insane.
The men then walked out.
But to my amazement,
in about 10 minutes time, the security men walked in again and dragged me out.
I was really shocked; I actually thought I had escaped....
Little did I know that there was secret camera in the female ward.
The recorded tape was played and then it was discovered that I have been with my complete senses all the while.
I was dragged to a small room where they turture those who have done something nasty like me.
They had me remove my shirt and then they poured cold water on my body.
The two security men held very long whips in both hands and commanded me to lie on the floor.
By this time, I was already shivering, crying, sweating and  begging them to have mercy on ME.
Just then, the doctor walked in....
He told me to stand up quickly and put on my shirt that my dad has come to pick me.
I was the happiest person on earth.
It was only my dad that understood me in our home.
Obviously, he had already negotiated with the doctor and he was allowed to take me home.
If not for my dad who came up just at the right moment,
I would have been a dead man by NOW!



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