MY step mum sent me unconscious for over good 48 hours in hospital bed.
When I opened my eyes,
I noticed she was by my side. I didn't let her know I had regained consciousness.
Ofcourse I had no intention of returning to that home again.
As early as 05:30am the next day,
I ran from the hospital.
I was feeling very hungry.
For the first time in my life, the thought of finding a job crossed my mind.
"But what kind of job?" I asked myself.
As I strolled, I walked pass a primary school. The pupils were very noisy. I guess there was no particular teacher taking that class.
I decided to give it a try.
Thank God for the fine cloth I was worn at the hospital.
I met the headmaster and asked him if he could give me the opportunity to teach in his highly esteemed school. He asked me to present my application letter but I told him I havn't written any.
It seemed like he needed a teacher so badly and he decided to give me a try.
I was placed in primary one class.
The pupils were really small and I had nothing to be afraid of except for one grown up boy in the class; about 18 years old. I guess he wasn't opportuned to be enrolled in school while he was young. The guy was my threat.
I thought them the alphabetical letters. Within five (5) minutes I was done. I pulsed and took a glanced round the class. I noticed that virtually all the pupils brought meal to school. I thought.
(Nawaoo for these Aje butter children)
I needed the food more than them.
Infact I didn't know what else to teach the pupils so I sent them all to go out for BREAK. They all stood up happily to go out except for this 18-year old boy in my class. He challenged me that it wasn't yet their break period. We were almost the same height.
But as his teacher, I shouted at him and he left.
I proceeded to lock all the windows and door.
Then I opened the pupils's foodflask each. There was: rice & stew, indomie, yam pottage, fried plantain, "eba" etc. But I didn't touch the "eba."
I made sure I took two spoons of rice and indomie each, two pieces of fried plantain and the yam pottage before opening the door and windows. It's been long I ate wonderful meals as theirs.
I could feel the aroma of their meals in the air so when they came in,
I ordered them to go take their meals first.
The 18-year old boy was quite suspicious but I ignored him.
What a new method of free meals I have discovered.
"It's really good to be smart,"
I said to myself!!!