Marriage is a sweet experience if you meet the right person.
The day of one's wedding really is a day of great ecstasy and such memories is long-lived.
Many find their partner easily while others had to passed through thorns to find theirs. -

Some met their partners at workplaces, shops, malls or worship places.
Others met theirs on social medias like example on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Here is a story of a man named Edidiong Ernest Bassey, Who narrated on facebook how He met his Wife-to-be.

According to Edidiong, He met her on social media and He had been sending her DMs since last year.

Edidiong mentioned that this His wife-to-be has been forming hard-to-get for him but deep inside her, She was missing him madly [LOL]

Both of them are really happy since they both answer the same name "Edidiong Bassey and Edidiong Abraham".
They're from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Here is what He posted on facebook; 

" Last Year,
He said hi to Her [ every time ]
The saw each other anywhere. This year it's a quick
glance at each other and then
she turns away, pretending
to have a [ g r e a t t i m e ] with her
While her heart sinks
to her stomach from missing him. Upon all her shakara she is now placing her hand on my chest...
I bless dis day for God has make my drms come true...
God bless our union


See More Of their pre-wedding photos below 

These are lovely isn't it?? See more 


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