WE all went to the hospital.
"It's good you are here early enough," the doctor said to Bleszy's dad.
"Your wife has something to reveal to you." he added.
We all followed suit.
There laid Bleszy's mum, half dead.
And as she saw her husband, she went straight to the point cos she was at the point of death.
"Bleszy is not your daughter," she vomited.
"I cheated cos you needed a child" she added.
"Who's my biological father?" Bleszy cried.
"There's no need; he's passed a....a....away!"
Those were her last words on earth.
I had never seen someone give up the ghost before until that day when Bleszy's mum did. It was so painful a way she departed from earth.
I wish I had the power to restore life.
My varnished dad was kinda in bewilderment when mum told him I am his son.
He was on his kneels.
Mum's heart is too tender. Maybe fragile is the word.
She had accepted his pleas in no time.
I was the tougher one.
I wouldn't even listen to him.
I finally accepted him as my dad...but it's b'coz of my mum.
I hate to see those tears rolling down her cheeks.
"It's so hurtful; he's not my dad!" Bleszy said as she buried her head in my arms."
I cheered her up.
She was really hurt.
I wasn't.
Infact, I was happy, somehow.
You know why?
B'coz that means one thing- that Bleszy and I are not related,
which means that we are free to be get married to each other.
My mum was in her husband's arms, tears rolling down her cheeks.
Bleszy was in my arms, tears rolling down her cheeks.
It was the best atmosphere ever!!!.
Wiszey, go and fetch water for me, sister said...
I woke up: ahh so I was dreaming again???
Sha, It was a DREAM to remember!!!!!.
***** THE END *****

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