While I was starring at the pic on the wall,
Bleszy's dad walked up to me.
"Am I not handsome?" he asked, jokingly.
I was dumbfounded.
A lot were running through my mind which he had no idea of.
There was my mum at home,
crying over my dad...and here he is,
living happily.
Poor me; I had sworn at first that if I ever saw my varnished dad,
I would murder him for abandoning my mum.
But then,
this varnished father of mine is also the father of Bleszy.
Following my instinct,
I pulled the frame from the wall and ran out the door, then out the gate, then straight to home.
I am sure the man would ask his daughter if I was mentally deraged.
I got home and found mum still starring at his pic. I hid the one with me.
For the first time,
I observed the pic very well.
Sure enough, the man responsible for ocean of tears dropping from my mum's eyes always is Bleszy's father.
I was in deep thought.
"Where've u been?" mum interrupted.
"I went for job hunting," I lied.
"Any good luck?"
"I'm not certain!" I responded.
"How do u mean?"
"Well I found one but the boss asked to see my mum first before granting me the job." Another lie.
"So what are we waiting for?
Let's get going right away!" mum said, happily.
Did I really find a job?
Ofcourse not. I only wanted mum to meet Bleszy's father; her husband; my varnished father.
So we got to the house. Bleszy opened the gate.
Her dad relaxed in his car,
reading a magazine.
He was shock when he saw my mum.
"Veronica!" he called.
That's my mum's name.
"Henry!" my mum called his name.
There my mum goes again; she can't control the tears.
Within the twinkle of an eye, they were in each other's arms.
Bleszy had no idea, what was happening.
I wished she would fall in my arms too.
The atmosphere was very peaceful not until a young man bumped into the compound.
"I have bad news; your wife was involved in a fatal accident!" the young man said in a sad tone.
TIME: 02:00PM.

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