I was discharged from the hospital.
Bleszy's mum paid the bills.
ONE morning when I woke Up,
I heard sobs from mum's room.
I entered her room to confirm.
There she was starring at my "late" dad's pic and sobbing; hot tears rolled down her cheeks.
I snatched the pic from her hand and tore it.
"What the hell is wrong with you!" she yelled.
While I was still caught in surprise that mum raised her voice on me,
she got up and slapped me,
twice on both cheeks.
She brought out another picture.
"This is the last picture of your dad I've got; you dare tear it again and I will kill u!" she warned, sternly.
I walked out of her room, furious.
But I wasn't mad at my mum;
I was mad at the man who doesn't care if we even existed.
I went straight to my room; I didn't cry, though I almost did.
I had a way of stiffening sadness; I'ld just think of something that would take my mind away from my environment.
I tried to but rather, I found myself thinking of Bleszy.
I left my room for outside. Perhaps it would make me think of something else.
Going outside the house made me think of her even more.
...and I found myself with the address she gave me.
I was already searching for her house.
It was as if a force was moving me.
The whole thing was just happening naturally.
I finally found her house.
I knocked on the gate and behold she was the one who opened it.
When she saw me, she jumped and fell in my arms.
Then she gave that flashing smile, exposing those sets of white teeth.
Don't doubt me if I said,
God used one month in creating her.
She ushered me into their living room.
Her parents were not @ home.
While Bleszy went to get me a drink,
my eyes captured a frame on their wall.
I observed the picture in it.
It was just a carbon copy of the picture I snatched from my mum and tore.
I stood up to have a closer view.
Just then, someone drew the curtain.
Her dad walked in.

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