Bleszy's mum and my mum walked into the ward.
My mum was crying ocean from her eyes. I knew she would surely cry.
That's one thing with her. She is just too emotional. Even when my dad varnished into thin air,
she wept for days, weeks, months, years.
The nurse told my mum to go get some of my clothes from home.
Just a few minutes after she left,
Bleszy's dad walked in.
"I have warned you many a time to avoid driving at a high speed!" he reprimanded his wife.
"It's all my fault sir!" I cut in.
"What's your name young man?" he asked me.
"My name is Wiszey; Wiszey Henry," I responded.
"Wow...we bare the same sur name!" Bleszy yelled.
"Where is your dad?" he asked again.
"My dad has varnished," I said.
"Dead?" he added.
"I don't know..." I replied.
"How about your mum; Where's she?" Bleszy's dad continued.
"Sorry sir, the patient really needs much rest!" the doctor cut in.
If not for the doctor's intervention, I'm sure I would have answered a thousand more "WAEC" questions from Bleszy's father.
"I will like to see your mum when I returned from work." Bleszt's father said before he left.
Something unusual about him.
He seemed to be meditating deeply on each responds I gave to his questions.
I really have no idea why.
Just a few minutes after he left the ward,
my mum walked in.
How comes they haven't met?
Why was he meditating deeply on my replies?
Why did he say he would be back when he returned from work?
What's on his mind?
What does he have up his sleeve?
Why does he want to see my mum?
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