The Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, reports this morning about a shameful and heartless event that takes place in Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria.

The Source Reports;
"Unknown Lady dumps her new born baby boy this morning at Bank road NNEWI ANAMBRA STATE.

Ladies please this evil must stop."

We know that there are thousands of Couples who are looking for one child in their matrimonial home but can't have. But It saddens people's heart to see a Young baby like this being dumped on the road, suffering for his innocence.

This infant is being abandoned to the morning breeze which is unhealthy to the baby's soft body.
Another Source Reports that a Lady was spotted dropping the carton, they thought it was trash since the place it's a trash bin. Only to discover Such new born baby is inside the carton.
"This is so heartless" it ends.
A passer-by Commented;
"If you know that You will not be able to nurture, to train and to take care of a child, Please stay clear from premarital sexual affairs".

What do you think about this??
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