Crime, Misery, Violence are all around us today.
People are living in a life-threatening environment.

Bad people are really being influenced from bad to worse.
The word safety no longer has any meaning in Nigeria.

In a certain community known as Odu, in Mararaba Udege village, that's in the Northern part of Nigeria, A Young Boy was butchered by Fulani Herdsman while cultivating In his farm.

According to Report from Ogbadu Abraham, Who announced this on facebook said that, The boy was picking cashew nut early in the morning and this incident occurred 7:45a.m.

The Boy, Identified as, Luka Kaika, is not dead but He was rushed to a nearby local hospital which commences treatment immediately.

Ogbadu Abraham Posted on Facebook;
" Fulani herdsmen again in odu,village mararaba udege .this boy was cut by fulani herdsmen in his farm this morning around 7:45am, while removing cashew nut,so please your prayer is needed. His name is luka KAIKA from odu village"

And He also shared about 20 photos of the victim undergoing treatment which proves that He's the eyewitness.

Here are the photos..


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