A Nigerian Slay Queen reveals on facebook the love of her heart.

Many, though, were very optimistic to know Who could struggled hard to win her heart. But it was quite Shocking and provocative to know that it was a "Monkey", that She fell in love with.

She is so proud of her "Monkey" addressing it as her boo.
She even gives it a human name "Sammy".

According to her, 99% of Men in the world are players. They cheat, play with people's feelings and can't even satisfy their woman sexually.

She, then, used the medium to praise her able lover, "Sammy", Who doesn't play with her feelings, Who will not cheat and satisfies her sexually on bed more than her previous dates.

Here is what She posted on Facebook:

 “Hi guys.. Meet my boo Sammy, I love him so much, he does not cheat on me
He satisfies me on bed more than 99% of guys here
I am tired of guys heart break.
Guys are wicked and heartless”.

The Slay Queen justifies her actions by mentioning of "heartbreak".

What do you think, Is Her action justified?
She has the choice to do whatsoever She wants with her life. But She, deliberately violating God's commandment will not let her go unpunished.

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