How happy and Pleasant it is for  Mothers to nurture and train their Children and watch watch them growing to successful personalities!

One of such Mothers is our beloved nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson,
Who is every happy to be among "mothers" and wishes herself "Happy Mothers Day"

The Mother of three (3) Kids, came to Instagram this morning to share her family photos with the social media world.

The Family members were customized with black leggings and black shimmy taking it down with their Silver-coloured sneakers.

The 34 year old Actress also discloses how longing the First Son, Henry is, for the arrival of the "Mothers day".

Carrying A baby in your womb for night months is not easy.
It really Worths to celebrate and enjoy as a family.

This is What She posted on Instagram this morning:

"My biggest fear in life? It would be "Not being alive to take care of and watch over my kids"

Happy Mothers day Friends and may we be alive to watch them grow into Great personalities, may we enjoy our children in good health and prosperity with God as the Center of it all...

😋😋 Because it's almost Mothers day and I can't wait😘😘😘 plus Henry keeps saying Happy mothers day mummy since last week🤣🤣🤣"

What do you think?
Do you agree with her?

Yes We do!!!

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