Regina Daniels' Ritual Into Womanhood Imposes The Greatest Consequences. 

A Facebook user identified as Chisom Maryjane publicly discloses the implications of what transpired between Regina Daniels and her billionaire Husband, Ned Nwoko, on Saturday. 

On Saturday being 25 of May, The Teen actress was official initiated into womanhood according to Anioma tradition. 


Here is or are the consequences of the ritual induction as related by the Facebook user, Maryjane... 

“Regina Daniels is to remain faithful and she is exempted never to have sexual intercourse with any other man except him, She Narrates, If Regina is horny and her husband is not available or he is tired, she can touch herself or use pleasure toys but no man should have sexual relations with her”.

Maryjane further added that If Regina Daniels knowingly or unknowingly sleeps with another man who is not her husband, the gods will come after her and the punishment is instant death. And if the husband is aware that she is cheating on him and yet refuses to take action immediately, the ritual will attack him and his older kids. Maryjane confirmed that the ritual culture was designed to check the excess and guide the unfaithfulness of women from that part of the world”.

The Facebook user also enlighten us about what may happen if the husband eventually dies. She said; 

“In case her husband happens to be no more, Regina is not expected to remarry except she undergoes another round of ritual to abolish the induction on herself from the man.

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And If she mistakenly marries another man without performing this second round of ritual, she will definitely die and the ritual will also come after the man (late husband) that married her without asking a question”.

She Continues that despite all these atrocities that would befall on the unfaithful wife, Oga Ned Nwoko is allowed to sleep with other women and acquire as many wives as possible but all the wives are not permitted to cheat on him. 

"This is the culture of our brothers and sisters in Anioma so I don’t have any personal opinion about it but let’s not forget that there is no free lunch in life, not even in town, She Concluded".

What do you think about this?? 

Do you think She will stay faithful even being a nollywood actress? 

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