"If A Lady Can Fry Plantains Without Eating Even One, She Is A Wife Material" — Man Reveals How To Be A Wife Material ​

Relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin, shares a mail on his official Instagram page he received from a man who keeps testing ladies to find out who among them could be a wife material. 

The man who chooses to remain anonymous reveals the kind of qualities a wife material must posses. Few of them are discipline and self-control. According to him, these two (2) possessive qualities can equip a woman to be a better wife material and not to fall in to temptation easily. 

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According to him, He tests lady to fry plantains without eating even one (1) and He confesses that no one has ever pass the test cos they lack the two (2) possessive qualities —​ Discipline and self-control. 

The man went further to narrate how the last lady He tested ate about nine (9) pieces of fried plantains before it was ready to be served. 

where Can  I find Lady who will pass my wife material test. No girl or lady has ever pass this test. I’m not getting any younger. I really want to marry. Please you're free to post this on your blog.

This is the test; So I invite a girl to my place and ask her to fry plantain. If she can’t fry all the plantain and not eat 1 she is not a wife material. So many of the ladies have failed this test. Some eat about 9 pieces before it’s ready.

-She lacks Discipline

-She will fall for temptation easily

-And she can’t maintain resource well.

It’s very simple test but all girls keep failing. Why can’t it be easy not to fry and not eat 1. I included it prayer today in morning mass. Where is this girl? Are you out there?

Is it possible to find such a Lady? What's your opinion? 

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