Feminism and womanism are two different concepts. I am more of the later.

A facebook User, Josephine Akparawa,   went on to the public platform to express her concerns about the mistreatment "girls" "ladies" and "women" are passing through. And also to be a voice to the voiceless. 

Here is her expressions on facebook..

"Don't allow public opinion define you. Have a laid down definition of yourself and consciously work towards becoming that version of you in your definition."

"In today's world, when a woman is dogmatic in her value and believe system or if she is assertive and wears a high level of confidence having known her place in Christ, she is tagged with demeaning and derogatory words like "she isn't humble,' 'She is too opinionated."

"Don't be that person who is tossed from pillar to post because you don't know yourself or have a valid value system."

"Pls note am not a FEMINIST but I believe that a woman is not an object for decoration at home or a factory for producing kids (am not against this, in fact if u know me, am a super lover of kids) as reflected in some male dominated African Literatures." 

"A WOMAN is a complete HUMAN and so has a functional brain and therefore possesses the ability to THINK. She is WHOLESOME and should be allowed to freely develop every facet of her life. She shouldn't be LIMITED to only an aspect of life.

"We have grown past the age when women were VOICELESS and CLUELESS because of societal stereotypes. Always remember that MEN LOVE CHOCOLATES BUT THEY DON'T SAY IT."



Josephine cleared the air of not being a feminist but rather that what They(women) don't ask for men to be behind, they only ask to be allowed to grow all aspects of their lives even from  behind. She added "It is natural for a man to be the head and thus, in front."


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