A lady cries out on social media seeking advice on what to do whose fiancee wants her get disvirgin by someone else before marrying her. 

twitter user @amflomotion shares a story of a lady on the social platform who is in a state of confusion about the decision her potential partner imposes on her in order to continue their marriage plans ahead. 

"She is 34 year old, a virgin and engaged, the twitter guy narrates. Her fiance is two years older but he wouldn't want to be the one to disvirgin her. He proposed she get disvirgined by another guy and be back  to him for marriage because he couldn't stand blood. @amflomotion added, She is confused, She is reading, She needs your advice. 

The 36-year-old man whose name is unknown explained his reason for setting such an arrangement—allowing his wife-to-be to be disflowered by someone else because He cannot stand blood.

The Lady, Who had been keeping her pride of womanhood for the past 34 years, and wanted to present it as one of the noble gifts to her husband on their wedding night is vigorously desperate, seeking advice from the public. And She is fully aware that sleeping with someone whom you are not married to is fornication—A gross sin before God! 

What should she do?

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