Child Abuse! Child Abuse!! Child Abuse!!! 

The rate of abusing a child either verbally, physically or even sexually is really alarming and quite uncalled for.

A young teenager was sexually abused few hours ago in the outskirt town of Irele local government area Ondo State. The unknown teen was inflicted with severe wounds and pains which led to the flow of much blood from her private parts as you can see in the photos below. 

A user on Facebook reported:



This girl you are seeing in the picture above is Oluwatosin Abosede , She was dragged into a shop and raped severely by yet unknown persons.

She was dropped in Irele General Hospital, Irele local government, Ondo state by some officers of Nigerian Police Force that left immediately and not ready to take the case up (this, according to, is the only police station in this particular area).

This little girl vagina is severely torn and will be needing suturing.  Please Help us rebroadcast this until we get somebody to help this little girl fight for her life and justice"

The reports showed that it was ritualists who indulged in such acts in order to perform their fetish sacrifices.  And after the incident, the guys escaped and left the young girl alone in the pool of blood. 

The source of this information also reported that "While some of the on-lookers were pitying the victim and urging the Police officers to make investigations and got the hoodlums arrested. Many, however, were in interested in the health condition of the child. The on-lookers advised that the victim should be rushed to the nearest hospital or clinic."

"The victim needs both medical and emotional care. She has been inflicted with unjust pain and suffering. The child abusers did hurt the victim in devastating ways. They betrayed her trust, robbing the victim of her security. She really needs help." The report added. 

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