A lady on facebook known as Amalia, happens to slam an anonymous guy on the platform who shoot his shot wrongly.

Amalia makes it clear to the guy, who worships at the same church, that He should be well-mannered when trying to ask her out. 

Here is what she wrote on Facebook:

Yes Y'ALL should know better.

We are taught almost everything, from deep Bible truths to  even how to brush our teeth, wash our hands after using the toilet, clean our cars.

Jehovahs witnesses are the most properly taught set of persons I know of, and many in the world also agree.


Before you come and criticize my putting this up here,(because I have many sabinus here) I had told the person I would put it up but would protect his privacy and I don't want to be explaining this over and over to anyone, so I hope many persons will see it. 

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I am very sociable but I always know when to draw the line, I'm a cross between my strict yet friendly Mom and my very sociable Dad.


Many persons call me aloof, rigid, etc because I won't laugh at their kind of jokes, I basically frown at the things people utter with their mouth, I'm not perfect, I have had my own shortcomings in past and I still do, but right from primary school, till secondary till date, many of my mates will tell you I'm very conservative with certain topics, jokes and all.

In my family we know when to draw the line, we don't go calling ourselves, mad, crazy, otula(an ibo person would translate this)


So when you or your friends come at me with such jokes, I would frown because I feel disrespected.

And when I know I am not in a relationship with you and you come throwing words of endearment and all, I WILL IGNORE YOU, Respond to you when I like, that is if I don't feel offended ( Because I still try to make excuses for people) But if you start asking me for my pictures or won't stop trying to chat me or call  at odd hours, I WILL BLOCK You.


THE only male person's allowed to call me all sort of sweet names and call at any time they desire are 1) My husband or fiance 2) My Dad, 3) My biological brothers and if you don't fall in any of these categories please, let's be guided.


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