Bobrisky, who is widely known cause of his controversial posts and photos about his lifestyle, has drop another bomb which is buzzing around the social media. 

The Cross-dresser announces on instagram about how His house-help woke him from a sleep he dreamt of being pregnant.

Does it sound weird? Are you doubting if a male can be pregnant? Let's hear from the horse's mouth. 

This is what Bobrisky posted this Morning on Instagram;

Good morning... my house help woke me up about 20min ago. I dreamt I was pregnant 🤰 and everybody on ig was shouting jezzzz how did Bobrisky get pregnant. To cut the story short I saw myself at the hospital with my baby girl beside me. Only for me to see my bestie beside me @tontolet shouting congratulations . I was wondering how I delivered the baby. I asked the doctor 🥼 if I push or how did I delivered the baby. The doctor was just smiling 🙄

What do you think about this weird dream?? 

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